COVID-19 Positive Risk of Severe COVID-19

This tool predicts the risk of progression to severe COVID-19 in patients who first tested positive for COVID-19 today.

Please follow this link for a list of immunosuppressive diseases

Show/hide Immunosuppressive Medications
Abatacept Actemra Adalimumab Afinitor
A-Hydrocort A-Methapred Anakinra Arava
Aristocort Aristospan Asmalpred Astagraf XL
Azasan Azathioprine Basiliximab Beclomethasone
Belimumab Benlysta Betamethasone Brodalumab
Bubbli-Pred Budesonide Celestone CellCept
Certolizumab Cimzia Cortef Cortisone
Cosentyx CPC-Cort-D Cyclosprine Daclizumab
Decadron Deflazacort Deltasone Depo-Medrol
Dexacen Dexamethasone Dexone Dexpak
Enbrel Entocort EC Entyvio Envarsus XR
Etanercept Everolimus Flo-Pred Florinef
Fludrocortisone Golimumab Guselkumab Humira
Hydrocortisone Hydrocortone Imuran Infliximab
Ixekizumab Kenaject Kenalog Kineret
Leflunomide Medrol Meprolone Methotrexate
Methylpred Methylprednisolone Meticorten Millipred
Mycophenolate Myfortic Natalizumab Neoral
Orapred Orencia Pediapred Predicort
Prednisolone Prednisone Prelone Prograf
Rapamune Rayos Remicade Risankizumab-rzaa
Rituxan Rituximab Sandimmune SangCya
Secukinumab Skyrizi Siliq Simponi
Simulect Sirolimus Stelara Sterapred
Tacrolimus Taltz Tocilizumab Tofacitinib
Tremfya Triamcinolone Triesence Tysabri
Ustekinumab Vedolizumab Veripred Xeljanz
Zema Zinbryta Zortress

Show/hide Steroids Medications
A-Hydrocort A-Methapred Advair Aristocort
Aristospan Asmalpred Beclomethasone Betamethasone
Bubbli-Pred Celestone Cortef Cortisone
CPC-Cort-D Decadron Deflazacort Deltasone
Depo-Medrol Dexacen Dexamethasone Dexone
Dexpak Flo-Pred Florinef Fludrocortisone
Fluticasone propionate Hydrocortisone Hydrocortone Kenaject
Kenalog Medrol Meprolone Methylpred
Methylprednisolone Meticorten Millipred Orapred
Pediapred Predicort Prednisolone Prednisone
Prelone Rayos Sterapred Triamcinolone
Triesence Veripred Zema

Show/hide ACE Inhibitor Medications
Accupril Accuretic Aceon Altace
Benazepril Capoten Capozide Captopril
Enalapril Fosinopril Lexxel Lisinopril
Lotensin Lotrel Mavik Moexipril
Monopril Perindopril Prestalia Prinvil
Prinzide Quinapril Quinaretic Ramipril
Tarka Trandolapril Uniretic Univasc
Vaseretic Vasotec Zestoretic Zestril

Total Points

Probability of severe COVID-19 within 2 weeks of testing positive for COVID-19*

*Based on the 0.15 probability cutoff described in manuscript. Low or High refers to below or above, respectively, the proposed threshold for vaccine eligibility.

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Kattan, Michael W. PhD; Ji, Xinge MS; Milinovich, Alex BA; Adegboye, Janet MD; Duggal, Abhijit MD; Dweik, Raed MD; Khouli, Hassan MD; Gordon, Steve MD; Young, James B. MD; Jehi, Lara MD. An Algorithm for Classifying Patients Most Likely to Develop Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019 Illness. Critical Care Explorations: December 2020 - Volume 2 - Issue 12 - p e0300. doi: 10.1097/CCE.0000000000000300


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